A woman with red hair smiling in front of a stone wall.

Jacky Dahlhaus

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Rumour Has It…

Favourite quote: ‘The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t’ – Douglas Adams


I was almost fifty years old, had two university degrees, and no job. Being supported by my loving husband for over twenty years, I had tried every hobby a good housewife can think of (well, maybe not the taxidermy one) and found no passion in them. Then, one night in 2015, I had a vivid dream. I told my children about the dream and they said ‘write it down!’ I sat behind my computer and basically didn’t leave it until, fourteen days later, I had written fifty-five-thousand words. That was the first draft of my first novel.

Writing gives me pleasure beyond imagination. I had a diary as a teenager and had a few secretarial jobs, but I never saw writing as a hobby, let alone a passion. Since that dream, my life has changed. I get up every day, looking forward to writing. I go to bed every night, hoping I will dream up a solution for my protagonist’s problem. Writing is my world now. There is no going back.


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