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Greg Wagland // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Greg Wagland, an actor and audiobook narrator, says: “I’ve always enjoyed the horror and supernatural genres, having lapped up Stephen King as a youth, not to mention the great Pan Horror collections; more recently I’ve narrated stories from horror anthologies with the RNIB and lately for my own imprint, Magpie Audio, I’ve recorded the mother of all psychological horror stories, ‘The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ and a collection of supernatural tales by E. F. Benson, the son of an Archbishop of Canterbury!

My scariest moment was having a shadowy and none too benign visitor stand at the end of my bed as a teenager, not once, but twice! My favourite horror films are those early black and white Hollywood films directed by the likes of James Whale. I will not divulge to you what really scares me… how foolish would that be in our world of growing dystopian, Orwellian influences?



Oh, alright, as it’s you I’ll tell you – what really, really scares me is corned beef and pickle sandwiches and copious real ale!


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