A woman wearing glasses and a plaid shirt.

Fiona Leitch

My Story from Twisted50 vol 2: Tinder

Favourite quote: ‘Yeah, it’s a hard world for women, but most of the ones I know can string a sentence together’ – Seven Psychopaths

Fiona Leitch is a writer with a chequered past. She’s written for football and motoring magazines, DJ’ed at illegal raves and is a stalwart of the low budget TV commercial, even appearing as the Australasian face of a cleaning product called ‘Sod Off’. After living in London, Cornwall and New Zealand she’s finally (for the moment) settled on the sunny South Coast of England, where she enjoys scaring her cats by trying out dialogue on them and writing funny, flawed but awesome female characters.


Her action comedy ‘Lost in Berlin’ was a finalist in New York’s Athena IRIS Screenwriting Lab 2017 and she’s also made the finals of two BBC Writers Room contests. She recently completed her first full-length novel, ‘Dead in Venice’.


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