A woman sits in front of a microphone in front of a brick wall.

Fenella Fudge // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Fenella is a versatile voice artist who can twist her vocal chords to suit many styles – from gravitas to naturalistic acting to extreme characters, with a wide range of accents and ages, she’s something of a vocal chameleon.  

Best known as a newsreader on Radio 2 – she’s moved on to other projects, including the award-winning Audible comedy, Slaving Away, and has contributed a multitude of characters to a brand new supernatural sitcom currently in production.


Fenella has read a breadth of audiobooks, from harrowing holocaust memoirs to ebullient children’s fiction.   

Although in demand for her ‘straight’ voice, Fenella’s great love is voice-acting and she relishes challenging roles.


Although she no longer goes to all-night horror film showings, Fenella has a strong stomach for a scare, since being exposed to Edgar Allen Poe’s works on radio as a small child.

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