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EJ Hughes

My Story from Twisted50 vol 1: Sum of my memories

I have always wanted to write stories – when other children were watching the latest tv shows I was scribbling in note books, although my teachers were always quick to point out the flaws.. A life time later when the constraints of Adulthood had made me put away my imagination I found those books again and rekindled my love for telling stories. I test websites for a living – getting paid to shop has it’s perks but it is during the commutes in and out of the office that I tell myself stories – some of which actually get written down.


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Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes, audiobook excerpt, read by Susie Riddell

Some of the stories in Twisted50 are demented, disturbing and downright, well yes, Twisted. Then there are some that are melancholic, beautiful and lyrical. Sum Of My Memories by EJ Hughes is one such story. Originally written from a male perspective, Helen Lloyd our Audiobook producer asked the author if we could go with a female voice as Susie Riddell seemed

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