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Derek Le Page // Voice Artist

Featured in the audiobook of Twisted50

Derek is a professional audiobook narrator and a semi-professional actor. His acting pursuit earlier ran alongside a lifelong career in IT which he found unutterably dull but throughout which he managed to fool most of the people most of the time and earn just enough to support a spendthrift wife and four expensive children before collapsing exhausted into audio work. Being a dusty old person he enjoys bringing dusty old texts to life and is currently immersed in Victorian sciences of the mind. Twisted 50 is light relief but not unrelated!

As an actor Derek is currently on stage being himself dusting off dusty old jokes as the King in Puss in Boots, and will shortly be reprising a theatrically acclaimed performance as Alan Bennett in The Lady in the Van, in Lincolnshire whither he has recently relocated himself, his dusty old wife, their cats and his studio.


In his early teenage years Derek was an avid reader of horror stories, notably the Pan horror paperbacks. He managed just one of Dennis Wheatley’s hardbacks. This may account for an unsettling experience of a few years ago:
“I was asleep in bed. My wife was away, so I was alone in the marital double bed. I awoke (or did I?) and became aware that there was someone in bed beside me! I turned over and discovered it was …. me! I was lying in bed alongside … myself!”


If Derek were Sigmund Freud he would probably track this back to Dennis Wheatley. The book that he had read was ‘The Ka of Gifford Hillary’, the ‘Ka’ being the titular protagonist’s out of body spirit after he had died! Happily Derek survived his own out of body experience, if that is what it was and is eagerly looking forward to reading lots of spooky surprises in the next edition of Twisted 50!


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