Dee Chilton Gets Interviewed by ‘The Fan Carpet TV’


You know what’s really scary? Being taken by total surprise and interviewed on camera. Many will know I can warm to my subject (!) and waffle on, but I feel (hope) I did the Create50 and LSF justice on this occasion.

Fortunately the interviewer, the lovely Ellie Torrez, was superb at putting me/us at ease and asked intelligent, thoughtful questions that were easy to answer and I was already on a high (as you might be able to tell) having spent the evening surrounded by some of my ‘tribe’ of fellow creatives, all hugely talented and supportive people.

The Twisted50/Evil Little Sister launch event was a wonderful celebration, skillfully organised and orchestrated to perfection by the fabulous Create50 team. I look forward to the next event and I’m forever grateful to all who have encouraged and supported me on my creative journey, and conitine to do so. I urge everyone to get involved, if they are not already, and join us on our campaign to make good things happen for ourselves and each other.

Dee Chilton.

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