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Christopher Stanley

Christopher Stanley is the author of numerous prize-winning flash fictions, the darkest of which can be found spreading misery and mayhem in his debut collection, The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales (The Arcanist, June 2020).

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How will you win Twisted 3? by Christopher Stanley

How will you win Twisted 3? by Christopher Stanley Twisted50 is back for a third and final outing, so for those of us who have yet to place a story in the series, this is our last chance. I was wondering: what’s the ideal story for a Twisted50 competition? Is it better to write something

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The lamppost huggers and other wrecked tales cover art.

Lamppost hugging for beginners by Christopher Stanley

2018 seems a long time ago now, but I remember it ended on a high. Sure I’d seen the pictures of the red carpet events put on by Create50 but I never thought I’d attend one. Then I saw my name on the shortlist for The Singularity. Then I found out that my story, Hive Mind,

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A collection of horror movie book covers.

A Proud History of Horror Anthologies By Christopher Stanley

Have you heard the one about the author who asked his agent to send a short story to the editor of a horror magazine? The one where the story sat in the slush pile with hundreds of other stories for nearly a month before the agent chased it up? Let’s imagine the editor was Richard

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A Proud Future for Horror Anthologies? by Christopher Stanley

These are glory days for horror fans. The success of films like It, A Quiet Place and Hereditary have reinvigorated the genre. TV shows like Stranger Things, and adaptations of some of horror’s most treasured brands, including Bates Motel (Psycho), The Exorcist and The Haunting of Hill House, are perhaps evidence of a growing appetite

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