Twisted's Evil Little Sister

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Geoff Bagwell // Writer of The House of our Dreams

Short story writer and Bloomsbury Books New Children’s Author 2015 runner-up…

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JT Billeter // Writer of Jewboy Morrie and the Freakshow Angel

I teach the spoiled, perverse youth of America about the Law and about Literature…

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Kathleen Bryson // Writer of The Auto-Cannibal

Kathleen Bryson’s two previous novels: Mush (2001, Diva Books) and Girl on a Stick (2008, Suspect Thoughts Press)…

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Alistair Canlin // Writer of The Middle Class Zombie AND Mirror Image

I write short stories, I write novels, I write short film, I’ve even written screenplays. I write…

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Dee Chilton // Writer of She Will Never Die

My earliest ambitions were to be a cinematographer and travel. Initially training as a photographer, I later joined the Navy rising from the lowest Rank to Officer…

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Simon Cluett // Writer of PLAYGOD.COM

I wrote ‘Age of Kill’ which was released in 2015 stars Martin Kemp, Patrick Bergin, Nick Moran and Dexter Fletcher…

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Troll Dahl // Writer of The Nasties

I’m a multi award winning writer/director of 40 short films. I currently have an optioned feature film screenplay which I am attached to…

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G. P. Eynon // Writer of The Swing

A new writer looking to scare himself stupid by penning some dark tales of terror…

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Paul W Franklin // Writer of No Chain

Writer, wanderer, whatever.

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Rachael Howard // Writer of Velvet Mary

The dark and treacherous Lake District and Fells are my home. Beautiful
but deadly. They inspire a lot of my writing…

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Maggie Innes // Writer of Shopping

 I’ve been a journalist, horoscope writer, book reviewer, short fiction writer (magazines) and currently focusing on radio and TV Drama while also teaching creative writing…

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Nick Jackson // Writer of The Devil is in the detail

Writer of screenplays, short stories, novels, ransom demands, shopping lists and letters to Satan. Or is it Santa…?

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Chris Jeal // Writer of Pig AND The Little Shop of Revenge

Chris Jeal is a nice guy who writes nasty shit…

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Jonah Jones // Writer of Chocolate to Die For

 Nine stage plays, two radio plays, three short stories produced. Also sketches for TV and radio. Short stories published…

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Gerald Kells // Writer of Something to his left

I was longlisted in the Manchester Royal Exchange’s Bruntwood Award for my play ‘The E-mail History of Josef K’ and my draft novel…

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Matt Lewis // Writer of A Christmas Story

I live in a small cave-like flat. I venture out for work and supplies. I work in a homeless hostel which is challenging and interesting…

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Charles Maciejewski // Writer of The Naughty Room

First serious attempt at writing short stories. Learning a lot in the process. Like reading anything that keeps me engaged…

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Scott Merrow // Writer of The Book of Stan

Scott Merrow has been writing short fiction as a hobby since retiring from the Air Force ten years ago. He and his wife Paula Merrow also co-write short screenplays…

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Toby Norways // Writer of Muntjac

Previous jobs include being a car salesman, a fire-eater, and a scrap metal dealer. Being a writer has its faults, but I think my career path is improving…

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Fredrick Ochami // Writer of The Stink Monster

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John Read // Writer of The French Dresser

I started writing in the 1970s. My work has been seen in Television; Radio; Newspapers & Magazines from Ireland to Australia…

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Lewis Rice // Writer of A Guide to Acting the Gentleman in Any Given Scenario

Having not been diagnosed with Dyslexia until the age of 33, I found school frustrating…

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Steven Stockford // Writer of Mrs Shrimpton’s Ever Growing Flowerbeds and her Filleting Knife Draft Two

TV producer, currently involved in cartoons. Sold a screen play to ITV though I have…

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Mary Stone // Writer of A Deadly Countdown

After years of wanting to be a writer I am now finally putting pencil to notepad (I’m old skool)…

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Mat Sunderland // Writer of The Turned

The original hands on Director Mat began working as a runner at the Jim Henson Creature shop working on projects such as Lost in Space and Buddy before moving…

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Milethia Thomas // Writer of Busy Izzie

Milethia is a mam, teaching assistant and communication support worker, who is often to be found writing beyond the ‘witching hour’…

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Phil Town // Writer of Hands

In my day job I’m a teacher and translator, but in the last few years I’ve well and truly caught the writing bug…

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Hillier Townsend // Writer of Dear Son

Hillier Townsend is a sixty-three-and-a half-year-old grandmother with a dark streak that gets wider every year…

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Philip Trickett // Writer of Seeing Red

I’m wonderfully good looking. I have an amazing personality. I’m multi-talented and envied by my peers…

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Merlin Ward // Writer of Killing Her Little Darling

In July / August, 2014, my first stage play ‘The Widow’, was produced by Talking Scarlet at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne, and at Fairfield Halls, Croydon…

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Kim L. Wheeler // Writer of Deep Conviction

Full-time writer. Produced playwright. Published poet. Producer. Competition winner of: LSF Talent Campus, Twisted’s Little Sister…

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David Young // Writer of Clear Air Turbulence

I have more degrees than a Phoenix summer, and have turned a paying legal career into a speculative writing career. I’m awesome…

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