Eileen Wilson

Eileen has four IMDB listed shorts; The Cliché, Blind Faith, McDoon & Oot (with Fraser Coull) and The Grim Truth. Her monologue 'Watching' is part of 'The Lockdown Monologues' and her story 'Deviance' is in 'Twisted 50-Volume 2'.

A woman with blood on her face.

The Band Wagon by Eileen Wilson

Psst!   …You!   Yes, you. It’s me, the small, vaguely fluffy one, dying of embarrassment in the corner. Anyway, come here, they’re busy and I’ll tell you why ‘Create 50’ is like a good friend. SUPPORT. If you are shy, like me, you can send a story to cyberspace and no one says; ‘Rejection’, ‘Not in

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