A man in a black shirt.

Alistair Canlin

My Story from Twisted’s Evil Little SisterThe Middle Class Zombie AND Mirror Image

Favourite quote: ‘You’ll never be a vegetable. Even artichokes have hearts’

– Amélie


I write short stories, I write novels, I write short film, I’ve even written screenplays. I write. Without sounding too creepy, it turns me on…… Now that I’ve made everything a little awkward, I enjoy that feeling of being taken on a journey and not even knowing where I’m going…

I’ve written two collections of short stories, a couple of novels (one of which was really crap, but it proved to myself that I could do it) I don’t have one particular genre, but I guess I do have a style. I tend to write about people who fee awkward in themselves, not rebels or heroes, just people.


I could tell you about the day jobs I’ve had, but they’d bore you, I’d feel awkward, then you’d feel…… you get the picture.


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