A Bit About My Story by Sarah Lloyd

My name is Sarah Lloyd. I am a Mental Heatlh Nurse working with children and adolescents.  I enjoy my work and I nursed in adult services for fifteen years before joining the adolescent team. I often meet interesting and creative people.  My other interests are painting, reflexology, yoga, music, drama and of course – writing.

I write in a number of ways in different genres. I’ve had some poems published that were inspired by the arising questions and conclusions of my youth. Two of my  songs have reached the finals in songwriting competitions over the years.

I like short story writing and playwriting, I’m always collecting ideas and formulating characters. I am currently thinking about  developing a plan to complete a novel I’ve outlined in the next 24 months.

My story for Twisted50 – ‘The Wedding Day’ is about a gentle love affair that is devastated by a sinister, macabre personality. How a person can portray themselves, how we get to know and love them is instinctive. Then how disturbing it can be if that person presents differently, changes or is unrecognisible in some way.

Characters are like my life-pulse. They are both real and fictitious, spawning from direct observation, imagination and experience. I greatly enjoy the work of other writers where there are strong characters and an intriguing story.  Stories are like the air I breath. I enjoy listening to a talking book, an audio play or drama. Radio is a fabulous medium for satisfying my thirst for creative input. I also gather inspiration from the visual beauty of nature, the seasons and the natural world.

Sarah Lloyd.

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